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– Nelson Mandela
Why Natural Health?

Natural health provides an alternative approach to conventional medicine, and focuses on the entire body. Individuals that have chronic illnesses, hormone imbalances, or who are interested in avoiding toxic drugs or surgical interventions, may benefit from natural health practices and philosophy.

Natural health as practiced by Traditional Naturopaths incorporates individualized assessment of physical, emotional, and environmental factors to identify opportunities to improve health. Natural health aims to increase your health by using the healing power of nature including:

  • food
  • vitamins / minerals
  • herbs
  • herbs
  • essential oils
  • homeopathics
  • flower essences
Take care of your health – Naturally

Natural health has a unique perspective on healing.  Its objective is to harness the body’s ability to heal itself with the support of nature.

The Principles of Natural Health

  • do no harm

  • the body has innate healing power

  • identify and remove the root cause of illness

  • treat the individual, not the illness

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